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Genevieve Borduas

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Martine Jutras

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Buying or selling a home can be a highly emotional transaction and often one of the biggest moments in one’s life.

  • Leaving the family nest to set out on your own?
  • Swapping your tiny condo to move in with a new love?
  • Need something a little bigger for your growing family?
  • Or... something a little smaller for your empty nest?
  • Making a fresh start after a breakup?
  • Or ready to enjoy your retirement to the fullest?

Some people may associate real estate transactions with such major life milestones. For others, buying or selling properties can be a fascinating line of work.

  • Thinking of venturing into real estate?
  • Got your eye on a small business for sale?
  • Ready to become the proud owner of a 100-unit building?

Real estate transactions are unique because they involve so many emotions... as well as large sums of money.

And every transaction begins with a dream. Yours.
For this dream to grow beyond your expectations without succumbing to the many potential pitfalls, you need to work with the right real estate broker.

That’s where Geneviève Borduas comes in.

Geneviève can help you turn your real estate dream into the transaction that’s right for you. Her extensive knowledge of real estate markets means she can guide you through the more practical aspects of the transaction. Together with you, she will analyze key details, such as:

  • Determining the right price for the property
  • Preparing a successful selling or buying strategy
  • Ensuring the entire process goes smoothly

There are plenty of things Geneviève Borduas doesn’t do:

  • She never pressures.
  • She never simply goes through the motions.
  • And she’ll never try to convince you that a basement with a ceiling under 6 ft will be just fine when your kids are teenagers!

But there are plenty of things that Geneviève Borduas does do—with impeccable professionalism:

  • She always puts her clients’ interests first.
  • She makes sure negotiations are successful.
  • She works closely with her clients during each and every step of the transaction.

I have been working in real estate since 2008. I am as passionate about being a real estate broker as I was on my very first day. I feel privileged to work and thrive in such a stimulating field. Paradoxically, I don’t really consider myself a “sales person” but more of an advisor. I want my clients to make clear and informed decisions.

I guide my clients based on their real estate property or investment needs.

My top priority is to always make sure my clients are satisfied. My goal is to not just help them achieve their goals, but surpass them.

I’m always flattered to see the number of references I get from former customers. For me, this is the ultimate proof of their satisfaction.

For a fully “turnkey” service

Whether it’s for a:

  • Residential property
  • Income property
  • Multiplex building
  • Commercial building
  • Rental
  • Commercial asset
  • Real estate investment

Valuable assets for her many customers

Experience, negotiation, meticulous follow-up, exceptional organizational skills, extensive market knowledge... Geneviève Borduas doesn’t just meet her customers’ needs; she anticipates them.

Geneviève will guide you through each step of your real estate needs—before, during and after the transaction. Whether you need advice on how to highlight the value of your property before putting it on the market to recommending the right contractor for your renovation project—or even establishing a detailed pre-purchasing budget, Geneviève can help you successfully tackle every aspect of your real estate needs. With Geneviève Borduas, the buying or selling experience is masterfully controlled adventure filled only with pleasant surprises.

Put your real estate project in the expert hands of Geneviève Borduas.


It has been an honor to have helped my customers in the realisation of their real estate projects.